Drive Train components from Garbaruk

The Cascade Race team is always looking for ways to increase fun or improve performance, Before we were heavy users of SRAM cassettes and chain rings but when we started using Garbaruk components it became clear that shifting performance and durability really improved compared to other products. Garbaruk chain rings have a longer tooth profile improving reliability and eliminating chain drops, the cassettes are CNC'ed reducing weight compared to SRAM-GX product line but at a lower price point compared to SRAM-XO1.

Cascade Bikes carries the full product line-up consisting of drivetrain components, such as lightweight wide-range cassettes, chainrings and other accessories.

Key benefits of Garbaruk components are an improved shifting performance, light weight, great value for money and the option to choose from a range of colors.

We are proud reseller of the full range of Garbaruk drive train parts like:
– Chain rings (direct mount or BCD)
– Cassettes (Shimano HG/micro spline, SRAM XD)
– Pulleys (standard or oversized with Garbaruk cage)

Chain Rings

Unique to Garbaruk chain rings is the more aggressive tooth profile to reduce risk of chain drop. Further the chain rings come in round and oval, we prefer oval chain ring because it gives you a big advantage on technical trails. It becomes easier to pedal at the top of your pedal (when you aren’t as strong) and harder when your at the middle of your stroke (when you can put down the most power. This makes it easier to get a higher cadence and completely changes the mountain biking experience.

All of Garbaruk’s products come in colors so you can customize your bike and stand out. You can choose from many different offsets sizes and colors.


The Garbaruk cassettes are manufactured from a single piece material similar to the high-end options like XO1 but at a lower price point.


Garbaruk offers a cage with oversized pulleys which improves shifting performance on your drive train, personally I really like their pulleys on my GX drive train. Besides the improved performance it also gives you an option to personalize your bike a bit more. it does this all while adding some style and customization to your bike. These pulleys and cages come in colors

Garbaruk also offers smaller pulleys for the standard Sram derailleur cage. This makes shifting smoother, but it removes the hassle of installing a whole new cage. It is not as smooth as buying a derailleur cage and pulleys, but it is still smoother. Installing the pulleys is as simple as removing 2 screws, changing the pulleys and putting the screws back.

Examples from our Bike Builds

Garbaruk Cassette, Pulleys and Chain Ring

Above examples of Garbaruk components our builds like Garbaruk oval chainrings, cassettes and oversized pulleys.