Roadtrip 2018 – USA - Bellingham – Galbraith Mountain Trails

Published on 24 September 2022 at 14:58

Bellingham highlights

Bellingham is located in Washington State near the Canadian border. This area is home to Amazon, Microsoft and Boeing which provides access to engineering and manufacturing skills.

Bellingham itself is home to the EVIL factory, Transition factory store, and the Kona store.

Transition was founded in Bellingham and EVIL is operated there, if you can, we recommend visiting these places because the people are awesome and very welcoming. You can test\rent the full line-up of bikes (Transition \ Kona)!

Last but not least, one of the coolest US bike stores is Fanatik also in Bellingham. (Check out this link)

Galbraith Mountain trail system

Besides all these cool stores there is a vast MTB trail system at the Galbraith Mountain Trails. They have 7,515 meters of descend in total.

There is limited parking space on the South entrance of the trail system. We parked near Galbraith Lane, you can either park on the side of the road or at the parking stall. Recommended is to arrive early to beat the crowd. We also parked at the North of the trail system, there is a parking lot near a school. Overall cycling at Galbraith is one of the best in the US but finding a place to park is a challenge.
Riding the trails is a lot of fun and range from easy to challenging jump lines. They have a nice view over Bellingham and are made very well. Trail Forks ranks it number 4 worldwide and second in the state. This trail system contains 186 trails, most being blue trails. The Galbraith trail system contains climbing trails and trails to descend. Our favorite trail is Atomic Dog. This blue single-track trail has some flowy and technical sections. It has drops and jumps.

Evolution is a trail with big drops, berms, jumps, and Northshore sections. This trail is hard but most drops and jumps are rollable or have walk arounds.

Staying at Larrabee State Park

We stayed at the Larrabee state park which is a beautiful campsite nearby. It’s beautiful, well maintained with gigantic trees and has all the necessities. There are hiking and MBT trails with beautiful views of Bellingham Bay. We like all the trail options and be active or just relax at the campground. In case you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us!