Roadtrip 2020 – Austria – Innsbruck – Leogang – Solden – Serfaus

Published on 24 September 2022 at 14:59

This year we initially considered visiting Spain but due to the COVID-19 situation in Europe, we decided to go to Austria for a MTB road trip . The Cascade Bikes team decided to visit Innsbruck, Leogang, Sölden and Serfaus. Below our story.


While living in the US, we wanted to visit a Crank Worx event in Whistler but never got to it, therefore we decided to visit Innsbruck since it is home to Crank Worx in Europe. The Crank Worx trails are located at Muttereralm.

Innsbruck Bike Park

The bike park at Innsbruck, also see trailforks, comprises of 15 trails including Nordkette (however we didn’t visit the last trail). Overall, the bike park has limited number of trails, therefor it’s fun for a couple of days riding. The chainless one is a flowy suited for the whole family. It has small jumps and big berms and is 7.6 km long. The First One trail is easy and technical while keeping that flow element. The first one is red, so it’s not suited for beginners. The Rough One trail has jumps, drops, and wood sections. This is a trail made for experienced to expert riders. The Rough one is technical and flowy. This trail was the IXS downhill race track. Overall a nice bike park for a couple of days combined with a visit to the city as warm up for the summer holidays.


Leogang has trails for all ages and skill levels. They have a fun park at the bottom of the mountain with anything from small, shallow flow trails to big tabletop jumps. You can hike and zipline across the mountain. There are different levels of drops and jumps. One of the more difficult trails is Flying Gangster. This has giant wall rides and big jumps. There are big berms. Next to Flying Gangster is Speedster. We didn’t ride this trail but this is the world cup downhill trail. It has very technical and steep sections. Hangman I is a technical and steep trail. It has drops and big roots. This is a hard trail because it has a combination of big roots and steep sections. On hangman line choice and body position is key. Flow link is a easier and fun trail. This is a freeride trail. It has many big berms and some small jumps. This trail is very fun and suitable for all ages. Flow link leads to Hangman II which is a flow tail with many long turns and some small jumps. This is a beginner trail and is great for the family. Next is the Steinberg line by fox. This is a long trail with technical sections and a couple jumps. This is a very long trail and is not too hard. This trail has a beautiful view on the valley and mountains. This trail also has a place to eat or take pictures. Those are all the trails we have seen and rode on. Finally, we have Hot shots by Go Pro. This is a very difficult trail and it has many huge jumps. This is one of the pro lines and this is only for very experienced riders. In our opinion Leogang is a great place to go on a family vacation. There is a campsite right at the lift which makes it very lively and engaging to stay. This was probably one of the most fun and beautiful places that we visited.


Sölden has many trails. However, Sölden only has one green trail so it isn’t suited for younger and inexperienced riders but more for people who love technical trails. The Ollweite line is basically made of rocks. It is one of the highest trails. It is made very well and has many boulders which make up the trail. You have a beautiful view of the glaciers all the way down. The Eembee line is flowy and easy. It has a nice spot for photos at the top. This trail is flowy and is used to go to some other trails. The Ohn line has the right balance of technicality and flow. This trail has some wood sections. The Teäre Line is flowy but also has some technical bits to keep you at your toes and waiting what’s next. This line has jumps and big berms. This is our favorite trail at Sölden. In conclusion Sölden has the right balance of technical and flowy trails. We liked Sölden but our favorite of this whole trip has to be Leogang.


Serfaus has many flowy trails. Serfaus is not the biggest bike park but family friendly and it is our second favorite bike park from this trip. At the bottom of the mountain there is a fun park with an airbag.
Milky way is the easiest trail of the park. It is flowy, short, and has some small jumps. Strada del sole has bigger jumps and is more fast paced than milky way. These are awesome trails and are fun for all ages and genders (bring mum as well). Supernatural is a trail with some more technical sections. This trail also has some wooden sections. There is a freeride trail that is also very fun. Trails at Serfaus are not that challenging but the fun park at the bottom is very accessible and a lot of fun for a short number of days. Overall the trails are relative short compared to other areas but worth while visiting. Besides the fun park there are hiking trails and swimming pools up the mountain to do alternative activities as well.