Roadtrip 2021 - Italy - Paganella Bikepark

Published on 1 October 2022 at 16:30

Trails: Paganella is divided in three areas: Molveno-Andalo-Fai della Paganella. We mostly biked in the Andalo zone. The trails are well-maintained and marked. To go up in Andalo, 3 people with bikes fit in 1 gondola with a stop halfway.


‘Hussle and flow’ (red):well-marked flow trail, it ends halfway and continues as “Willy Wonka” (blue). This is a very family friendly trail and it is also fun for experienced riders that want to polish their skills though I recommend families to start with zanna bianca as it is less busy.

‘Zanna bianca’ (blue) More curves, bigger wall rides and a jump. While ‘Willy Wonka’ has more jumps then zanna bianca is all about the big berms and turns.

Enduro trail ‘the ribs’ (black) is shared with hikers, starts easy but slowly getting harder down the road. It’s about 7k long! This is only for very experienced riders that have experience with rock gardens and technical trails.

At the Fai zone we liked the ‘easy rider’ (red) since it is a technical trail, steep with roots and some big jumps, drops but there are chicken runs. The ‘Peter Pan’ (blue) is a flowy narrow trail with large jumps, we thought were harder than in Andalo, many tight curves and some on the edge of the cliff.
It took us 45 minutes to go from the Andalo to the Fai zone, 787 – 806 gaida line (red), technical trail which again, is very well marked.

Coming back, we saw that there was a shortcut trough a gravel fire road.

Staying here:

Staying there: Area sosta camper “Le Rindole”, parking place on tarmac under the gondola. 300 meters from Andalo, with restaurants, supermarket etc. Facilities: you can use the restrooms of the cafeteria, and shower (3 min = Euro 2,50), dump and there is fresh water. Minimum stay of 3 nights, Euro 30 per night.
Close to the center with lots of facilities like restaurants, shops and supermarkets.
Download the App @ and when you are finished, return your lift pass for a Euro 5 refund per ticket!

All in all the Paganella bikepark is great for all riders and a really fun holiday destination. Almost all the jumps are tabletops that you can roll. We definitely recommend it to anyone who has a bit of experience.