Roadtrip 2021 - Austria - Reschenpass/Nauders

Published on 1 October 2022 at 16:51

Reschenpass and Nauders trail highlights

All of the trails are not like the typical trails. The trails are technical but not constantly. The trails are not all family friendly and there are not many jumps. There are some off camber sections and the trails are mainly made of loamy dirt and some rocks. At Nauders the trails have many more jumps and the trails are made of a sort of gravel with a lot of grip. Nauders trails are much faster and less technical. These trails are more family friendly but I would still not recommend it because there are a lot of riders that bike very fast down those trails. Biking to Nauders and back which is about 24-kilometer on a paved bike path next to the road. The 3 country enduro cup takes place here. There is also a tourist attraction which is a church that sticks out of the lake with a intresting story behind it. To read about that go here

Staying at Reschenpass

Next to the Reschensee you can park at the large parking lot at the gondola. You can use the restrooms 24/7. There is no shower, but there is a dump station and fresh water. Across the border in Nauders there a couple of smaller campiing sites.